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Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy

No doubt you recognize the importance of programming and learning to code in today's digital world. It's pretty much an essential literacy!

Focused on the “T” and “E” in STEM

A subscription to the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy gives your child access to projects that teach computer programming, electronics, 3D design, and more! Each project is divided into a series of video lessons that guide your child through every step.

Context-Based Projects

Unlike traditional curricula that often introduce theory and concepts up front, our approach is context-based. We start with the outcome: “Let’s build a game!” or “Have you ever wondered how a traffic light works? Let’s find out!” Concepts and explanations are provided as needed by the project. In other words, instead of, “This is a variable, and it has a specific data type,” we might say, “We need a way to keep score in our game. What kinds of values would we expect the score to have?”

Projects are grouped into thematic modules like “Let’s Play It,” a collection of projects focused on creating games; “Let There Be Light,” which contains projects that show students how to create circuits involving LEDs; or “Seasonal Creations,” a group of projects that relate to different times of the year.

Suitable for Students in Grades 3-12

The modules are further divided by grade level. Content Library Jr. is for students in approximately grades 3-6, or those new to coding. The Content Library is for those starting around the 7th grade, or those with more prior experience. However, lessons may be completed in any order, and students may move freely between these two sections. The key differences are the length of the lessons and the amount of math a student is assumed to have had. In Content Library Jr. lessons generally range from 5 to 10 minutes and may require basic arithmetic skills.

Those in the Content Library are closer to 15 or 20 and introduce concepts from high school geometry and trigonometry! We don’t expect students to have mastered these math concepts; we simply expect them to be developmentally ready to understand them.

Designed and Taught by Educators

All our content is designed by educators who are passionate about ensuring that every student has access to high quality STEM instruction. Our founder is a former middle school math teacher with degrees in Secondary Mathematics Education and STEM Leadership, as well as extensive experience as a professional computer programmer. Our Director of Elementary programs is a former elementary school teacher with a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She is ESL-certified and has taught students with special needs.

Fun, Engaging, Interdisciplinary, and Instructive

At Excalibur STEM, we strive to create projects that are fun, engaging, interdisciplinary, and instructive. We want to help students develop an interest in and an enthusiasm for STEM so that they can make educated choices about their futures. Even if they decide not to pursue a STEM field in college or as a career, we believe what they learn through our program will help them in any walk of life.

Free Trial Available!

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