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Augustine Classical Academy West (ACA West) is an accredited transcript program for home-educated high school students. We are based in Cumming, GA, but we are able to do video appointments with anyone in Georgia. Partnering with parents to ensure their students meet all of the requirements for a Georgia high school diploma, we offer free advising and to our college-bound students for college admissions.

We offer full accreditation through the Georgia Accrediting Commission for all classes completed at home, online, with a tutor, in small groups or hybrid classes, or college classes through dual enrollment. Through our accredited program, our high school graduates receive the *same* HOPE scholarship eligibility requirements as public and private school students, instead of the more restrictive and stringent requirements for non-accredited home-educated students.

Working closely with our seniors, we believe that college is a great path to take after graduation, but we also believe it is not the only path. Technical/vocational college, trade schools, the armed services, a gap year at home or abroad, or going directly into the job market are all viable options.

Specifically for college-bound seniors, we provide letters of recommendation, upload their transcript to Common Application or send it to colleges, and help with the college application process.

We welcome the opportunity to work with all types of students and to support our homeschooling parents as they prepare their students for success and work towards their specific goals.

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