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Jenn Casey, a homeschooling mom of three (ages 20, 17, and almost 14) started the Youth Program at CrossFit Kennesaw over nine years ago as a way to help her kids find activities that they love and to foster a lifelong habit of movement. Since then, our program has helped hundreds of kids (and sometimes their parents!) get moving, get strong, and stay active!

For our younger kids, our program focuses on learning good movement techniques while having a lot of FUN moving our bodies. We play games, take on challenges, create our own obstacle courses, and so much more. For our teens, we reinforce good movement form while educating them about how their growing bodies affect how they move, learn to lift free weights (barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells), take on new challenges like pull ups or handstands, and learn a LOT about what happens in the body when we exercise at varying intensities. And we have fun in that class, too!

Some students are in our Youth Program as their primary fitness activity. Other kids are athletes in school or rec leagues and use our program for valuable cross training and general strength and conditioning. Our program is for EVERYONE. All levels, abilities, experience are welcome! Start here, and go anywhere!
You can learn more about our program and our philosophy at our blog:
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