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Hi! I'm Chris. I help algebra and math students improve their mathematical problem solving skills to secure future educational opportunities.

Parents, has your child recently struggled in math and become very frustrated? Oftentimes, your child may lack confidence and may even shut down in class. They feel overwhelmed by the material and have a hard time knowing when and how to apply the math principles to solve problems. What's worse, your child has never experienced math class in an interesting or engaging way. They're often bored and find it difficult to maintain focus in class.

What scares you most is that you know, if they don’t change, they'll get stuck in their current situation and possibly miss out on their future.

Rest assured, you are not alone!

With my help, your child can significantly improve their math and problem-solving skills. They will gain confidence and begin to come alive in class. They will be able to break down the material, learning when and how to apply math concepts and solve problems. Most importantly, your child will be inspired, interested, and motivated to learn!

Then one day, your child will be able to attend college, find a fulfilling career, and attain the success you've enjoyed while becoming the best version of themselves.

Morris Model Education provides online Math Tutoring and Math Course Programs. I'd love to talk to you about our 10-Week Course "Algebra Made Simple". Or perhaps you just need a great virtual tutor. Whatever your child's needs, I'm here to serve. Visit to book a free consultation and discuss your current situation. We'll put together a plan to provide the math foundation your child needs.

Morris Model Education


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