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The "Airbnb" of Education!

You’re most likely aware that many parents lately are choosing to homeschool for

various reasons, (which is AWESOME) – and actually, the number of documented

homeschoolers from 2019-2021 rose from 2.5 million to 5 million! And estimates say the

actual number is closer to 9 or 10 million?!? Woah!

That means that half of these homeschoolers are completely new to the world of

homeschooling, and many of them don’t know where to begin or how to get started.

They want not only help getting organized, but also supplemental classes and groups to

make homeschooling fun.

On the other hand, there are so many people in our communities with talents and

abilities that are going to waste, and topics they are passionate about that are waiting to

be showcased. We want to capture these lost arts before they become lost for good!

Toodley takes skilled people + homeschoolers and merges them on one AMAZING new

platform! Our vision is for every home to become a place of learning, where groups of

students come together to experience the joy the learning from someone who is

passionate about the topic.

We created the ‘one-stop-shop’… service providers can post listings to host a group,

event or session – and homeschool parents then browse the categories of listings, so

that they can find friends, enjoy learning about their favorite topics, and make their

educational journey amazing!

How do we do this, you ask?

Toodley Hosts lead groups and sessions in categories such as:

  • Extracurricular Activities (sports, drama, clubs, hobbies, extra fun stuff!)

  • Essential Subjects (math, science, English, all core subjects)

  • Arts &; Music (colors and sounds, right this way)

  • Field Trips (museums, hiking, adventures beyond the desk)

  • Trade Classes (engineering, tech, jobs that never get old)

  • Life Skills (cooking, budgeting, home repair, preparing for life)

We also have special categories for Coaching & Consultation and Special Needs

Services. Hosts can offer advice and organization for homeschooling parents and also

targeted help for learning differences.

We believe that kids will learn more by doing hands-on activities together in-person, but

we also have online classes as well – a perfect bridge for anyone who wants to do

either Online or Offline and One-on-one or Groups. The heart of Toodley is all about the

live, in-person groups, however. We are the only online platform with this focus!

Affordability, ingenuity, and creativity are found at the center of most homeschool

families. By offering groups on our platform, the cost per student can be kept low and

reasonable, while the host earns a nice amount when multiplied by 6-8 or so kids in

their class or event.

And if you’re a homeschooling family already doing fun activities for homeschool

learning, it makes so much sense to add more students for a few hours each week to enjoy learning together – and the parents earn extra income (for classes they’re already

teaching their kids) by charging that small fee per extra student.

Speaking of income, on Toodley, hosts set their own rates and availability for whatever

dates and times they choose. We don’t require degrees or certifications (although those

are great too!) – lived experience counts for so much, and teaching a topic you are

passionate about to kids in your community can be so fulfilling.

We believe that no matter who you are, Toodley is for you.

Are you looking for somewhere your kids can go and get connected with other kids who

love learning?

Perhaps you love the idea of assistance with a specific subject or topic that you want

your kids to learn such as math, or physics, or playing a guitar?

Maybe you are loving the journey of homeschooling your kids and would like to lead a

group that includes other kids studying the same topic you are enjoying… and earn

money for it!

Whether you are an artist, musician, dancer, carpenter, mechanic, engineer, electrician,

home chef… You can choose a few hours at your convenience to teach the kids in your

community on the topics that you are passionate about, imparting skills and knowledge

to the next generation.

Have we convinced you yet? Don’t just take our word for it – get started today to see it

for yourself. Right now, we the Toodley founding team are personally walking people

through the simple process of signing up as a host on Toodley and helping create FREE

custom listings for their homeschool-related services.

Please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions, we are

happy to answer!


Leonard and Julia are a married couple who believe in creating a life they can’t wait to

wake up to. They live just south of Atlanta, Georgia, in a cozy home where Leonard lets

Julia do all the decorating. When they aren’t working for their Toodley Company, they

love cooking Indian cuisine or reading inspiring books together. Julia loved being

homeschooled from pre-K all through high school, and Leonard is a visionary with a

passion for startups. The idea for Toodley happened during a conversation at their

dining room table. One day they plan to homeschool their next generation.

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