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Ninja, Parkour, and More!!

Fusion Athletics Club was founded on the belief that everyone can achieve greatness.

We believe fitness is a lifestyle. Nyx Training Center, our first ninja, parkour and World Chase Tag™ facility, supports and encourages the growth of individuals on the path to healthy, balanced living, as well as those dedicating themselves to the goal of professional athletics. Our goal at Nyx is to help the homeschool community by providing a space with knowledgable professionals who can not only get your homeschooler active and moving but do so in a safe and fun manner. We understand how hard it can be to make fitness fun, NYX is here to take on that role for all homeschooling parents. Especially those who could use an extra couple of hours to run different errands and finish other task. At NYX they will learn how to safely fall and roll, increase their overall strength and cardio along with creating bonds with new friends. Through Nyx, Fusion Athletics has created a safe and productive environment for everyone working toward personal health goals.

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