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Sounds of Praise

Sounds of Praise (SOP) began as North Georgia Homeschool Band 17 years ago!

What started with just a small band and recorder class has grown into a program with choirs, guitar classes, and strings classes, as well as preschool classes and private lesson opportunities. Our goal is for our students to become musically literate, appreciate music, and glorify God with their talents. As we observed the musical needs of the local church, we realized that pianos/keyboards, drums, guitars, and violins are the common instruments used, so we have changed our focus over the past few years from traditional band instruments. Our teachers have Bachelor’s Degrees in music, and our preschool teachers are certified in Feierabend First Steps and Conversational Solfege, as well. In addition to our classes on Fridays, we take our high school choir students to Reel (the Georgia Baptist Youth Music weekend with over 400 students) and have guest conductors work with our choirs. We see the fruits of our labors demonstrated as many of our current and past students serve in their local churches and others have gone on to pursue degrees in music.

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