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Welcome to EdVentures! EdVentures, LLC offers homeschool guidance for families, educational consulting for leaders wanting to start a hybrid or resource center, and community classes. Our founder, Kristin Perez, is also the creator and organizer of the North Georgia Homeschool Picnic and Resource Fair!

COMING FALL 2022: I am so excited to announce the opening of our new hybrid learning and enrichment program.


EdVentures is a hybrid learning and enrichment program for homeschooling families. Our drop-off program allows flexibility for modern homeschooling families who have time commitments beyond the classroom or who want their children to experience a strong social and academic network outside the home. Our mixed-age approach allows students to accelerate or decelerate as needed to find their personal challenge point. Our theme-based curriculum focuses on the tenets of deeply respecting and understanding our environment and nature, building community through meaningful human connections, and respecting the beautiful array of people and cultures in our country and beyond. We will be using a blend of secular, literature-based curriculum, along with our own curated resources, to create a dynamic, engaging, hands-on, literature-rich, creative program that inspires and excites learning.


Our 2-day hybrid program focuses on the core subjects of language arts, science, social studies, and math. Our integrated, literature-based, thematic curriculum connects ideas and concepts, making learning meaningful, relevant, and engaging. We offer a whole-child approach and use a blend of hands-on projects, stories and author studies, writing experiences, cooking, art, labs, and more to help facilitate learning for our students. Families will have the option to use our curriculum to meet grade level requirements (work will be sent home) or as a supplement to their own homeschooling program.


Our Friday "EdVenturers" program can be paired with the hybrid to add social enrichment or used in conjunction with your homeschool program. The Friday enrichment program offers three (3) on-site mornings per month (9-12) and one (1) “bring the family” offsite field trip. Students will enjoy games, art, social activities, and a revolving selection of fun electives. This blended format allows for students to build deeper social connections than they would in a single class format and helps to foster a sense of community and belonging.

View the slideshow for samples of our learning methods!


Greetings! My name is Kristin Perez and I am the founder of EdVentures. I have been working in the field of private education for 25 years. My experience includes everything from teaching in Taiwan, to running a school, to teaching at a local co-op...and everything in between! After serving as the principal of early education at a private school in California for 10 years, my husband accepted a job in Roswell and we family made a mid-pandemic move to Georgia in 2020. With the state of education as it was, we made the decision to begin homeschooling our then 9th and 11th graders. It was a whirlwind trying to figure out curriculum, homeschool laws, graduation requirements, dual enrollment, and even college admissions - but somehow we managed to figure it out and my eldest will begin university in Toronto in the fall! In the chaos of figuring out my own family's needs, I came to the realization that my experience could be a benefit to the homeschool community! And so - after a year of coaching families and serving as an instructor in a local co-op, I am excited to begin our new hybrid program!

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